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Thank you for visiting the official website of Joy Marchand. For news, reviews, and miscellaneous literary ephemera, please visit her blog, Particles of Light.


Short Stories

"Black Annis." Short story. 2008. Unspeakable Horror
"A Night at the Empire." Short story. 2008. Apex Magazine
"The Shape of Her Sorrow." Short story. 2008. Shimmer
"A Secret Life of Gluttony." Short story. 2008. Talebones 36
"Holding Pattern." Short story. 2008. Interzone 215
"Clementine." Short story. 2008. Apex SF & Horror Digest
"Pallas at Noon." Short story. 2007. Interfictions
"The Apprentice." Short story. 2006. Modern Magic
"Femina Obscura." Short story. 2005. Polyphony 5
"The Sympathy of Five." Short story. 2005. The Elastic Book of Numbers
"Over the River." Novelette. 2005. Time for Bedlam
"Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter." Short story as Joy Remy. 2004. Writers of the Future, XX


"The Midwife's Progress." Poem. 2008. Goblin Fruit Summer 2008
"Communion." Poem. 2007. Bare Bone #10
"Blood Memory." Poem. 2006. Bare Bone #9

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